"The more you find within, the less you go without." -Tina Rayner

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Human "love" will NEVER be *True Love, for it is based on the fallacy that humans are solely human.
Your True Identity is that You Are SOUL-y *HUman:

You Are Divine Love having a *HU*man experience.
  When you remember that, you are *True Love and Rise To Shine.

–Tina Rayner

Why YOU ARE here

It is no accident that you are here at this site.  It is said that when a student is ready, the teacher appears. The teacher within YOU sees the student within YOU is ready. You are ready to Find *True Love by Living your true identity as Divine Love having a human experience. You are ready to do Heart Work in this world, rather than hard work.  You are ready to exit the lies of the matrix that keep you small, in fear and thus controlled.  Divine Love is the ONLY antidote. YOU are READY to Be the Highest Expression of YOU, step into your True Power, and Rise To Shine.

About Tina   

The Angels know your True Identity. This is an excerpt from, "You Cannot Fail," by the Angels, as channeled by Ann Albers (www.visionsofheaven.com): "When you came to earth as babies, you knew you were perfect. You loved yourselves. You cried when you had need. You laughed when something was funny without worrying about being 'socially correct.' You didn't have a shred of guilt in reaching out for what fascinated you. You lived authentically. And then, as you say, life happened. You became conditioned by others. You started to feel guilty when your authentic self no longer matched what others wanted, or expected of you. You were trained to conform, to 'succeed,' and to 'please.' Deep down however, a fire of Divine Love burns within you. Whether it has been covered over so strongly that the sheer effort of denying your truth has resulted in depression, whether it erupts in angry spurts when quenched too long, or whether it burns warmly...it is always there. It cannot be extinguished. It is who you really are."

Tina Rayner, CEO of, “Rise To Shine Coaching” is a Light worker and Divine Love portal/teacher here to serve in Gaia's ascension from a third dimensional global planet to a fifth dimensional galactic one. This also means doing what she can to prepare the earth for first contact with our galactic family.

Tina was first called to remember her true identity at age 10. This initiated a life as a truth seeker. However, as "life happened" to Tina too, there was a lot of UN-learning to do first. Mired in the lies of the matrix, she did not live authentically or in her True Power: she would say/not say, do/not do, what would please others, often at the expense of herself. She thus lived like a ghost in her own life.

This was because she did not know the truth about love, and the truth about her identity As Divine Love having a *HU-man experience ("hu" means "light body.") Through years (ongoing) of studying the channels from Beings of Divine Love and Light, she UN-learned and RE-membered. She especially credits the teachings from www.jeshua.net for changing her life to a Life.  She now Happens To Life, and considers teaching others how to Learn Divine Love to be her life purpose, in service to Mother Gaia, and to All HUmanity. 

In the 3D world, she has been an illuminating speaker, teacher, certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and intuitive, "True Power" coach residing just outside of beautiful, Vancouver, BC, Canada. She comes from a background of over 25 years of teaching experience, both nationally and internationally, and is a certified "Train the Trainer" with Peak Potentials, N. America’s foremost training company. She has been a part of the prize of free enterprise since February 2004. In addition, she has served as a top leader, coach and trainer for a, ‘dynamic global success network’ of business owners. Therefore, Tina has regularly hosted business opportunity and training calls; provided tele-seminars like, “Becoming a Warrior” and keynote speeches like, “The Power of Inner Posture.” She has also spoken at outside-industry events such as, “Women In Power.”

Through finding her "True Voice," Tina now exposes the limiting lies of the matrix around love, and IN-powers others to live their True Power by teaching them the Truth about Divine Love. Through Tina’s genuine passion for sharing her, “IN-light-en-ments,” she attracts those seeking to change THE world by connecting to THEIR world: the truth of Divine Love WITHIN.

By remembering your True Identity as Divine Love, you stop looking for true love, and start Being *True Love. You ALSO remember that your birthright on the planet is love/joy/abundance/peace/oneness in EVERY aspect of your life.  If you are seeking to BE YOU without apologies, without guilt, without fear of judgment, but you don’t know how, then YOU DESERVE to connect with Tina, so she can help you connect to YOU!

When you remember Who You Are As Divine Love, You Are *True Love and You Rise TO Shine!