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“Let go of the approval you seek, give yourself the permission to
BE who you are, thereby attracting ALL that you deserve.

–Tina Rayner

Why YOU ARE here

It is no accident that you are here at this site.  It is said that when a student is ready, the teacher appears. WE have much learn to from each other and YOU are obviously ready.  You are ready to be seen AND heard. You are ready to stand out instead of to be stood upon. You are ready to live on purpose instead of without purpose.  You are ready to work because you choose to, not because you have to.  You are ready to pay it forward, not just pay the bills.  You are ready to give AND receive.  You are ready to rise up above the tide of mediocrity to define new levels of excellence.  You no longer desire to, “fit in”, be, “ordinary”, “keep up to the Jones’”, or to, “follow the crowd.”  Instead, YOU are READY to create a new path, be extraordinary, be more instead of have more and to lead the crowd by Rising To Shine.

About Tina

In the paraphrased words of Esther Hicks  as together, they describe my philosophy for Rise To Shine perfectly:  'I was born to birth this dream, intending to be this way.  Things pain me.  I care about life.  I have a dream about people living in a variety of genders, orientations, diversity and thus expansion.  In our differences, we find our true strengths.  There is enough for all of us.  I no longer believe in limitations and lack and shortages.  People do not have to think what I think in order for me to think it.  They don't have to be what I be in order for me to be it.  I don't want, 'world alignment.'  I want alignment with me and my dream.  I no longer ask the world to agree with me.  It's impossible." 

Tina Rayner, CEO of, “Rise To Shine Coaching” used to shirk her own truth to make sure everyone else around her was ok. She believes that her greatest life lesson was learning to live her truth and she now considers teaching others how to live their truth to be her greatest living legacy.  She is an illuminating speaker, Kundalini Yoga teacher and intuitive, "True Power" coach, who resides just outside of beautiful, Vancouver, BC, Canada. She comes from a background of over 25 years of teaching experience, both nationally and internationally and is a certified "Train the Trainer" with Peak Potentials, N. America’s foremost training company. Tina first discovered her passion for assisting others to uncover their inner light of truth to shine when she entered the prize of free enterprise as an entrepreneur in February 2004, and was able to quit her former job just 2 months after. Because of Tina’s success as a multiple figure income earner, she was a feature success story in the October 2004 issue of the Home Business Connection magazine, and was interviewed on Travel Talk Radio in October of 2006. In addition, she served as a top leader, coach and trainer for a, ‘dynamic global success network’ of business owners. Therefore, Tina has regularly hosted business opportunity and training calls; provided tele-seminars like, “Becoming a Warrior” and keynote speeches like, “The Power of Inner Posture.” She has also spoken at outside-industry events such as, “Women In Power.” The prize of free enterprise is a vehicle by which Tina attained many dreams, ONLY by assisting others to attain theirs. To do this then and today, Tina utilizes her application of the Law of Attraction coupled with her intuitive healing coaching to assist people to let go of the approval they are seeking to allow themselves to BE the biggest version of themselves, living their best lives. Through her "true voice", Tina inspires others to use their "true voices" and to continue to pay that forward. Through Tina’s genuine passion for sharing her, “IN-light-en-ments,” she attracts entrepreneurs and those seeking to align themselves with their powerful inner posture and thus to attract and create love/joy/abundance in every aspect of their lives.  If you are seeking to BE YOU without apologies, without guilt, without fear of judgment, failure, or success, but you don’t know how, then YOU DESERVE to receive Tina’s message. It's SAFE for YOU to be POWERFUL.  It's SAFE for YOU to LIVE YOUR TRUTH!

You DESERVE to BE, DO, HAVE it all so Rise TO Shine!