"The more you find within, the less you go without." -Tina Rayner

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We are each whole and COMPLETE on our own.

We do not NEED anyone or anything outside of ourselves to complete us,

for everything we seek, is already found within.

When you go within, you never go without.

When you know this, you can truly Rise To Shine.
-Tina Rayner

Why YOU ARE here

It is no accident that you are here at this site.  It is said that when a student is ready, the teacher appears. The teacher within YOU sees the student within YOU is ready. You are ready for a new love relationship in your life: the Love of YOU. As the relationship you have with yourself is the foundation for ALL relationships with others, you are ready to discover your true foundation: YOU. However, if you have spent time running from the Love of YOU in being afraid of being alone, feeling lonely, or practicing other forms of self-rejection, it is time for self-reflection. To do this, you are ready to embark on a lifelong journey to deeply explore and become aware of the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual YOU. In becoming aware of who YOU truly are, you will discover what truly makes YOU happy: the Love of YOU. When YOU know the YOU that truly makes you happy, then you Rise To Shine as the Highest Expression of YOU. It will change your entire world, and all of your relationships. Step into your True Power: Rise To Shine as the Love of YOU.

About Tina   

If you do NOT know how to be at home with yourself, you experience the dark “homelessness” of you. Most of you then look outside of yourself for you, namely, for someone to save you from you. Then, when you find someone, as you are already in a place of dark homelessness, it is easy for you to bring that dark homelessness into the relationship, and thus lose yourself in that dark. When you are lost in that dark, you/your needs/your wants barely exist or do not exist at all.

If you are in the depth of dark homelessness right now, you must stop looking for the answers without you, and start looking for the answers within you, in the core of your soul. However, if you are in the depth of the dark homelessness right now, you may not be able to “see” how to connect to the home of “your own soul.” This is where the light of Rise To Shine coaching comes in: to guide you back to the home of YOU/your true power.

Tina Rayner, CEO of, “Rise To Shine Coaching” is a “light worker” and (Divine) Love teacher guiding you Home: to the LOVE of YOU within. The first step is self love. The last is discovering the self AS Love. This is HEART work.

Tina was first called to remember her true home at age 10. This initiated a life as a true home and truth seeker. There has been a lot of learning and UN-learning to do. Mired in the lies of this world that raised her to believe that she was small and homeless, it took her nearly 38 years before she took her first BIG steps home.

This was because she did not know the truth about her identity in all levels. Through years (ongoing) of studying, she UN-learned and RE-membered. She especially credits the teachings from highly evolved Masters for changing her LIE-f to a Life.  She now lives from a place of Love versus fear, and considers teaching others how to do this to be her life purpose, in service to All humanity. 

Tina is an illuminating speaker, teacher, certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and intuitive “true power” coach residing in beautiful, White Rock, BC, Canada. She comes from a background of over 25 years of teaching experience, both nationally and internationally, and is a certified "Train the Trainer" with Peak Potentials, N. America’s foremost training company. She founded Rise To Shine Coaching in 2004 while serving as a top leader, coach and trainer for a, ‘dynamic global success network’ of business owners. Tina has regularly hosted webinars and teleseminars like, “Becoming A Warrior” and keynote speeches like, “The Power of Inner Posture.” She has also spoken at outside-industry events such as, “Women In Power,” as well as local events for the Royal Bank of Canada, the Canadian Mental Health Association, YWCA and Langley Fine Arts School.

Through finding her "true power," Tina now exposes limiting beliefs, especially around love, and IN-powers others to live their True Power by teaching them the Truth about Love, including self-love and the self as Love. Through Tina’s genuine passion for sharing her, “IN-light-en-ments,” she attracts those seeking to change THE world by connecting to THEIR world: the truth WITHIN.

By discovering your True Identity, you stop looking for that which is outside of you, and start Being that which is inside. You ALSO remember that your birthright on the planet is love/joy/abundance/peace/oneness in EVERY aspect of your life.  All else is an ill-lose-ion. If you are seeking your true identity, but you don’t know how, then YOU DESERVE to connect with Tina, so she can help you connect to YOU!

When you know Who You TRULY Are, You Rise TO Shine!